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Prayer Bees website and Bee Attitude images are simple reminders of what a person CAN do to be part of the changes our hearts desire.  Each month is intended to guide our thinking so that we not only take care of our needs, but also step outside of ourselves to prayerfully consider the needs of others near and far on this planet—whether known or unknown.  The Bee Attitude words are borrowed from various iterations of Scripture. The Prayer Bee simple life teaches what is important, really, to be of service.

Our intention is akin to spiritual gardeners; those kindly people who gently till a soul, nurturing and nourishing the soil of a heart until seeds of hope and understanding can germinate.  It only takes one seed, lovingly and tenderly planted in the fissures of a hardened soul, to grow a blooming garden.

Growing this simple, lovely garden begins with me. And so, it is. Bee Blessed in the name of God our Father, His Precious Son our Lord Jesus Christ, and our Indwelling Holy Spirit.