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The Prayer Bees live in the Umbrella of Prayers. It is a sacred space where our hearts can say anything to the precious Lord Jesus Christ.  Everything that pours from deep inside the heart is covered under this Umbrella of Prayers.



Our hearts fling open wide with prayer, like watching velvety soft petals unfurl on a blooming flower that is so beautiful, it’s unlike anything you have ever seen! Once the prayer is sent, the Prayer Bees go to work; they busily dart here and there, sprinkling our deeply heartfelt requests wherever we ask.



Covered with sparkling silver hair and odd stubby wings, you must wonder how these stout Prayer Bees can even fly, but they spring into action as each prayer is transformed into a glowing iridescence—very similar to molten silver. As the bees zoom out from under the Umbrella, their thick hair is super charged with love, and each strand is completely covered in shimmering prayer grains. It is not a surprise that these blessed grains will sometimes fall where it’s least expected in sort of a prayerful cross pollination to spiritually nourish and nurture the prayers to flourish and grow wherever they land!



It only takes a moment to ask and give thanks.  A simple please and thank you is a fine way to start growing your own Umbrella of Prayers. Your prayers will quickly attract your own glorious garden of Prayer Bees. Just ask!



The Fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  Faith, hope, and love are gifts that last forever.


But the greatest of these is Love.